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More than anything, I am proud of the friendships and long-term business relationships I have developed working with and for great leaders and clients over the past 30 years.

Below are a few recommendations from these special people:

Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International
Motivational speaker and author who has written 50+ books, and conducted programs in 61 countries worldwide

I had read and studied more than twenty of Brian’s books on motivation and leadership before we ever met and became friends. I enjoy meeting with him regularly to exchange ideas and share business growth strategies.

“My long-time friend and business associate, Dana Shertz, is one of the most creative and insightful senior executives I have ever met. His broad knowledge of how businesses operate, and his ideas for increasing revenue and profitability, has been enormously helpful to me in running my multi-national businesses in Europe and Asia. If you are seeking insights, ideas and advice on how to get better business or organizational results, Dana is the first person to call.” Brian Tracy, September 2012

Bill Walton
UCLA & NBA Legend
Currently: Executive Chairman of Connect SD Sport Innovators (SDSI)

I serve on the board of S.D. Sport Innovators with Bill Walton. Besides being one of basketball’s all-time greats, he is the most charitable person I have ever known. I am lucky to call him my friend, and appreciate his humorous hyperbole, which comes through in this recommendation:

“Dana Shertz is my hero. As a dynamic visionary capable of solving any and all problems, Dana is a widely experienced veteran with an enormously vast resume, contact list and litany of experiences. There is not a day that goes by, without me reaching out to Dana and his wealth of knowledge, perspective and insight, so that I can figure things out. His skills run the entire gamut of how, why, and what to do—on every front. He is my go-to guy. My only regret is that I did not connect with Dana much earlier. Then I could have done something with my life. Fortunately, I am now his partner, client and friend. And because of that—I still have a chance.” Bill Walton, September 2013

Duane J. Roth
Former CEO Connect

Duane Roth was an important thought leader in the San Diego Community for 20 years, and I had the privilege of serving with him on the Board of S.D Sport Innovators for close to five years. I learned many good business practices from working with and watching his great leadership of Connect.

“Dana was a major driver of the early growth and success of the SDSI board. He helped develop a much-needed vision and initial policies for the group. His leadership, good judgment, strategy and candor are essential for the continued expansion of the SDSI mission. He is a whip smart executive who gets the right things done at the right time.” Duane Roth, February, 2013

Jeffrey Gitomer
Author, professional speaker, and business trainer who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development

Jeffrey is one of the world’s best sales trainers. We are both lifetime students of the art of selling, and the best ways to train world-class sales people.

“Dana Shertz is a winner. I have known him for ten years, and you will be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic, intelligent, street-smart person to do business with. We worked closely together developing and training his sales and management teams at Macgregor Golf. Whatever your endeavor, Dana can help you, and you will enjoy doing it with him.” Jeffrey Gitomer, December 2008

Ely Callaway
Founder of Callaway Golf Company

Ely Callaway was my boss, friend and mentor for 20 years. We were close before he hired me to join Callaway. He was an inspirational leader and the smartest Entrepreneur I have ever worked for. I received the letter below on my 12th anniversary with the company in September, 2000:

“On the occasion of your twelfth anniversary with our company, I wanted to take this moment to thank and congratulate you on your fine efforts and accomplishments these many years you have served us.

It is very gratifying to me to have watched you grow and develop from my best salesman for so many years, to become one of my most valuable friends and associates. Your contributions as part of the senior executive team are very important and valuable to me. With so many new faces on board these past years, it is comforting to me to have you here.

Your keen understanding of both where we have been and solid vision of where we need to go will be very important to the executive team, our future success, as well as me. Callaway Golf will face many challenges to our leadership position, but I feel confident with your creative thinking and continued dedication we will grow and prosper for many years to come.” Ely Callaway, September 2000

Donald Dye
President & CEO, Acorn Technology Corporation, Former CEO, Callaway Golf

“Though Dana did not directly report to me, I worked with him on a daily basis over an 8-year period. During that period of time, Dana demonstrated an intelligent, dedicated, ethical and driven work ethic. His ability to interact with customers, vendors, co-workers, subordinates and superiors in a positive, constructive manner was exceptional. I have worked with over 1,000 executives during the course of my career, I would enthusiastically put Dana in the top 2% for his ability to get things done and to do it with fairness and humor.” Don Dye

Mike Galeski
Tournament Director for Encompass Championship, Former Tour Director, Callaway Golf

“Dana was a driving force in the company during Callaway Golf’s meteoric growth in the 1990′s. Dana owned many great relationships with retail partners, on-course and off-course, small and large, and was dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers at all times. Dana’s success is largely due to his burning ambition to sell, service and sell some more, and is supported by excellent organizational, management and people skills. People do business with people they like and Dana’s success both professionally and personally is rooted in this. His vision, commitment, and management expertise are second to none.” Mike Galeski

Charles Parisi
Board of Directors at Toussaint Youth Villages

“Dana is the rare individual that understands how both large companies and small companies work and how small companies become large ones. He has a keen sense of marketing, sales and the integration of the two. A very, very bright individual whose opinion I always seek on deals and projects.” Charles Parisi

Matt Harrelson
President, Double H Sales

“I worked with Dana for several years when I was President of Capstone Headwear and he was President of MacGregor Golf. As a supplier, you truly value those customer relationships you have where the goals and expectations of your key clients are clearly communicated, and as a business partner you are treated in an honest, respectful and sincere manner. This was the valued relationship we had with MacGregor Golf due to Dana’s leadership and vision. I find Dana to be an incredibly talented and creative person that has tremendous interpersonal skills that can have a positive impact on business partnerships. I would not only recommend Dana but would someday value the opportunity to work with or for him because of the potential to learn from his tremendous experience and his very deep set of management, sales and communication skills.” Matt Harrelson

Barry Kleiman
Executive Search, Career Strategy Coach

“I have been in the Executive Search and Development business for more
than 30 years and as a result have had the opportunity to get to know,
work with and represent 1000′s of highly intelligent, highly qualified
individuals through a broad spectrum of industries. Each bring a unique blend of assets that add value to organizations.
Dana is one of the few folks I’ve gotten to know that I deem an “E I E I O” person. Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Energy, Integrity and Originality.
It’s important for people in general and leaders specifically to not
be commoditized. Dana is not a commodity; he’s a unique treasure trove
of a person whose E I E I O qualities would be an asset to a
enormously wide array of entities.
Dana will challenge himself and you to think in a traditional and nontraditional fashion, inside and outside of the box but with the
simple purpose of finding the best ends by the best means.” Barry Kleiman

Bryan Pate
Founder at Elliptigo, Incorporated

“Dana has been tremendously helpful in getting our company off the ground. He’s responsive, eager to help, and a great thought partner with a ton of experience. We met Dana through the CONNECT Springboard program where he was an EIR. He immediately understood our product and began making substantive contributions to our growth almost immediately by putting us in touch with our manufacturing agent and several other service providers we needed. As a direct result of his assistance, the time it took us to find a manufacturer for our product was reduced by months. In addition, he’s been a great champion for our company and our product, opening up several opportunities for us to get in front of potential investors. He has a “whatever it takes” approach to support and has not only provided strategic contributions, but has donated his time to help us with marketing pieces. He’s the kind of guy that would volunteer to give you the shirt off his back if he thought you could use it. Getting connected with Dana was definitely one of the most valuable results of completing the Springboard program.” Bryan Pate

Steve Duesbury
SVP, Acquity Group

“Dana is a character in the very best sense of the word. Boundless energy and enthusiasm, creative, curious, insightful, competitive, he takes it as well as he dishes it out…one of those people who makes things happen always changing the world for the better. He engages on so many levels, listens, considers, pushes, celebrates and fosters those around him, and always with honesty, humanity, genuine passion and more than a few good laughs.” Steve Deusbury

James Thompson
CEO, Executive, Former President of Golfsmith

“Dana is a very bright, high energy, passionate business partner. You will never feel that you are dealing with someone who is not a ‘true’ business partner. He listens and thinks strategically working towards a mutually beneficial outcome. Golfsmith and Callaway had a wonderful and profitable business relationship, in large part, due to Dana’s vision and management of the relationship.” James Thompson

Jeff Adamoff
Artist/Designer at Jeff Adamoff Designs, Former Creative Director of Callaway Golf

“I’ve known Dana since my days as Creative Director at Callaway Golf for 11.5 years and even better now since I own my own business…his passion for life, his keen sense and understanding of the business world, and his desire to help people succeed are inspiring…he has that rare quality of looking at you when he talks, listening to you when you speak, and always giving it to you straight…he is totally old school in that way… and he gets it. I don’t know where I would be without him.” Jeff Adamoff

Win Englebert
Vice President, Business Development Officer at Bank of the West

“Dana was the highlight of my first SDSI Board meeting and I found his enthusiasm, passion and experience for helping companies improve sales, increase efficiencies and help structure well run management teams to be extraordinary. He has always been available to talk to and assist others that I have referred him to and I will continue to work with Dana and call on him to be a resource for my clients and others who need his high level and wide range of experience.” Win Englebert