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Sales Management

Nothing is more important to the success of your business then producing profitable new revenue and increasing your ROI.

We have an unrelenting focus on the sales and marketing side of your business.

Our objective is to integrate and maximize the performance of your marketing dollars, with the results of your sales teams.

Smart sales organizations understand the crucial role and dependencies of their sales force, everything from how sales teams are compensated to how individual sales people execute their roles can affect the bottom line. That’s why sales leaders turn to us for help navigating these complexities toward their growth goals, from big-picture strategy to hands-on execution.

Our sales consulting services help align your companies’ sales and marketing strategy with the correct business objectives and resources to ensure maximum sales performance. We focus on improving your companies’ sales by improving the results your sales team is getting.

We look closely at the sales training of your team, including sales strategy development, sales process development, prospecting, and customer relationships. We review and assess your talent and your selection process. And we focus on improving your customer relationships.

Critical areas we focus on include:

  • Development of Value Proposition
  • Target Market strategy
  •  Sales Process
  • Prospecting & Business Development
  • Account Planning
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Information Management & CRM
  • Sales Coaching Practices

Some of the problems we solve include:

  • Acquisition of New Customers
  • Retention and Growth of Existing Relationships
  • Finding and Retaining the Right Talent
  • Driving Performance through Coaching
  • Dealing with Price Pressures & Competition
  • Increasing Revenue through Cross-Selling
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of sales teams