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Harvard Business Review

These are some great ideas for business leaders to develop humility. More executives need to embrace these ideas.     Six Principles for Developing Humility as a Leader by John Dame and Jeffrey Gedmin  |   11:00 AM September 9, 2013        Whether we’re looking at business or politics, sports or entertainment, it’s clear we […]

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Los Angeles Times

In August of 2005, MacGregor with the backing of Bain Capital made an offer to buy Callaway Golf for $16.25 a share. As of September 2013, the stock is at $7.00 a share. Hind sight is 20/20 – maybe they should have considered our offer more closely? See Article

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San Diego Business Journal

Article in the San Diego Jewish journal about our ill-fated Universal and Dish projects. The venue was beautifully designed by Davis Inc., who had also designed most of the other Endev venues as well. The property received some good press, and a lot of initial buzz, but quickly turned into a financial debacle. There were […]

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Pacific Magazine

Nice write up in Pacific magazine about the former partners of Endev, as well as each of the properties that the team developed. Pacific magazine was always a great place to advertise and promote the venues. See Article

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